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When I was younger, I was an avid journal-er.  We're talking music lyrics, awkward drawings and the ever-embarrassing professions of undying love.  While I'm extremely happy all that has stayed in the very, very distant past, somewhere along the way I stopped reflecting on my thoughts, feelings, and experiences entirely. It wasn't until I decided to take one photo a day that I realized I really missed journaling (...at least what I consider to be a much more mature, adult version of introspection and internal dialogue...).  So... as is always the case when I have an epiphany, I turned to Notion.  I wanted to create a space for a minute of mindfulness each day where I could also keep track of my photo diary.  So here it is - a space to do some reflection in the morning (sun symbol) and at night (moon symbol) - Enjoy!

Top tip: Add the "r e f l e c t" page as a widget on your phone so you can open it right up and get journalling!

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